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 Valdivia, Chile Mission
We help support a small but thriving congregation in Valdivia, Chile that has been growing. James and Robyn Cope are our missionaries that travel to South America on a regular basis to encourage and help build up the church.. The congregation has 30 members and the few male members are very zealous for the cause of Christ and so we help them with funding and resources to preach the gospel in their communities. The congregation is involved with Christian radio broadcasts, house visits, bible studies, and caring for one other helping to fill each other’s needs. They are a loving and evangelistic congregation that glorifies Christ. 
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Chile Mission

Valdivia, Chile – Church Building

  Tamil, India Mission
We have been supporting the work in Tamil, India for many years. Missionaries Don and Cathy Iverson have been instrumental in leading the spreading of the gospel and getting many souls baptized into Christ. They teach native men in preaching schools to learn how preach God’s Word and begin churches in their own communities while being self-supported at the same time. The work includes supporting the several orphanages for children who lack a home or families to care and love them. 
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  EEM (Eastern European Mission)
EEM has one mission! To get the bible to everyone. They provide bibles and biblical literature in more than 20 languages to nations of the former Communist Bloc. These materials are provided to individuals, mission churches, campaign groups, and other organizations that wish to teach God’s Word. EEM also provides bibles and literature to families, children in youth camps, public schools, public universities, public libraries, prisons, hospitals, and orphanages. Basically anywhere a bible is needed they will provide it all free of charge.
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